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Get the Glow | Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds

Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds is a popular gym chain known for its 24/7 access and state-of-the-art facilities. With numerous locations worldwide, it offers a convenient fitness solution for people with various schedules and lifestyles.

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Tanning beds are a notable feature offered by some Anytime Fitness locations, providing an extra perk to members looking for a sun-kissed glow while maintaining their fitness routines.hese well-maintained tanning beds are available at select Anytime Fitness locations and provide an additional perk to members seeking an all-in-one fitness and tanning experience.

Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds offer a convenient solution for those looking to achieve a sun-kissed glow while maintaining their fitness regimen. T Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds ensure that you can achieve your desired tan without compromising on the flexibility and 24/7 access that the gym chain is known for. So, if you’re wondering about the benefits of Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds, you’ll find them in various locations where you can enjoy fitness and tanning together.

Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds
Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds

Anytime Fitness Tanning Beds Facilities

A. Anytime Fitness boasts a wide range of amenities, including modern exercise equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training services. The gyms are clean, well-maintained, and offer a welcoming atmosphere.

B. Beyond tanning beds, members can access locker rooms, showers, and nutritional guidance to support their fitness goals. Some locations may also have additional services like saunas or massage chairs.

Tanning Bed Options

A. Anytime Fitness typically provides both stand-up and lay-down tanning beds, allowing members to choose their preferred method for achieving a tan.

B. Access to tanning beds is subject to individual gym policies, but most Anytime Fitness locations include this service as part of their membership package, with no extra costs.

Benefits of Tanning Beds at Anytime Fitness

A. Tanning beds can offer health benefits like vitamin D production and improved mood. They can also help members achieve a tan year-round.

B. The convenience of having tanning beds at the gym means members can easily combine their fitness and tanning routines, saving time and effort.

Safety and Precautions

A. Responsible tanning practices are crucial to prevent overexposure and skin damage. Anytime Fitness provides guidelines for safe tanning, including session duration and protective eyewear.

B. Members are encouraged to follow these guidelines to ensure their safety while using the tanning beds at Anytime Fitness.

Membership Information

A. Tanning bed usage is typically included in Anytime Fitness membership packages, providing an added value for members.

B. Some locations may have restrictions on tanning bed access or additional costs. Members should check with their specific gym for details.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Common QuestionsDetailed Answers and Information
1. Are tanning beds available at all Anytime Fitness locations?Tanning bed availability varies by location. It’s best to check with your local gym.
2. How do I use the tanning beds safely?Anytime Fitness provides guidelines for safe tanning. Follow them to minimize risks.
3. Is there an additional fee for tanning bed use?Tanning bed access is often included in your membership, but there may be exceptions. Check with your gym.

Member Experiences

A. Member testimonials and feedback are valuable in understanding the firsthand experiences of using tanning beds at Anytime Fitness.

B. Real-life stories from members can provide insights into the convenience and benefits of combining fitness and tanning.


A. Anytime Fitness offers a unique combination of fitness facilities and tanning bed options, making it a convenient choice for those seeking both services.

B. We encourage you to explore the tanning options at your local Anytime Fitness gym to experience the benefits firsthand while maintaining your fitness goals.

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